Traditional English Honey Mead

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Traditional English Honey Mead
Made with the finest Heather Honey,The best honey you can use for a wholesome and traditional honey mead.
Traditional english honey mead is very smooth, rich and dangerously easy to drink!
This Traditional English Honey Mead is aged for four years and is 14.5% Vol.

Magic Mead are one of the largest suppliers of mead and honey wine products in the UK. Magic Mead offer a variety of both traditional mead and flavoured mead.

Please note that you have to be over the age of 18 as part of our Terms & Conditions to purchase alcoholic products from Mead Wine.

Delivery is currently for customers within the UK. If you are from outside of mainland UK then please contact us and let us know where you would like our mead products shipped to for a quotation.


250ml, 500ml, 1000ml

10 reviews for Traditional English Honey Mead

  1. admin

    Tradtional honey mead at its best!

  2. Harry

    Fantastic drink I enjoy it very much. I don’t have much experience drinking mead but this tastes so great. I normally stick to what I know is good so this is my choice mead! The ginger mead is equally as good.

  3. john berkley

    Best mead I have ever tasted and I have tried a few. Also the bottles are very nice and really stand out.

  4. Mary

    Really delicious. I very much dislike the taste of alcohol, but this was really yummy. Love it.

  5. Samantha

    Never drank mead before but this is fantastic. Don’t usually drink at all but this is just so tasty. English Honey is my favourite.

  6. Dean

    Excellent the best mead I’ve tasted

  7. Zead

    Still the best mead I can find in the UK. Very smooth.

  8. Jack

    Fantastic stuff, picked up a small bottle today in Sheffield. I’m usually a single malt whiskey man but this stuff it amazing. Sweet, smooth and goes down a treat. I’ll definitely be buying more!

    • Magic Mead

      Thanks for your kind words Jack! It’s a pleasure knowing so many people enjoy our mead wine and liquors.

  9. Izabela

    Fantastic.Had ones before and loved it.Good and tasty

  10. Jaime

    In for a penny, in for a pound and I’m glad I did I enjoyed the taster I had a very nice warming feeling as it coats your throat not sweet but youcntaste the honey all the same, will be getting more and looking forward to trying new flavours. Cheers Mead!!!

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