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Traditional mead offered as English Honey Mead by Magic Mead is brewed the traditional way. The finest heather honey, yeast and water are the only ingredients used to make our Traditional Mead. We are proud to be one of the few artisan mead producers that stick to the traditional methods for producing mead. Our traditional mead is produced by hand, from filling the bottles to putting labels on them. A truly traditional and hand crafted product! With thousands of happy customers magic mead can say we are one of the leading suppliers of mead in the UK. Above all, ensuring our customers receive a truely traditional and hand crafted honey mead is our priority.

What is Traditional Mead?

Mead is probably the oldest alcoholic drink in the world. Enjoyed by cultures dating back to 9000BC in northern China and was popular in the medieval times throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. Traditionally mead would be made by Mazers with the yeast introduced by the natural yeast found on the skin/rind of added fruits. Today’s methods are much more technical but essentially only honey, yeast and water go into a traditional mead. It has always been a custom to add fruit and herbs to mead to vary the flavour and sweetness of the mead. Magic Mead still does this, keeping to the same traditional standards as Mazers would have centuries ago.

Does Magic Mead make non traditional mead?

We make all of our mead to the same recipe as the traditional mead except we use our “magic” to infuse and blend our flavours into honey meads. Everything is done by hand it is a contemporary twist on the traditional style of mead.

Does your traditional mead contain sulphites?

Our mead does contain a small quantity of sulphites, this is because it ensures the mead stays fresh and helps halt the fermentation process. The minimum ammount of sulphites are used in the process. Sulphites are found in much higher volumes in foods such as dried fruit for example. Sulphites pose no harm as an additive and are widely used in the food and wine making industry. It is a myth that sulphites are harmful or cause headaches therefore very safe to consume.

What size does your traditional and flavoured meads come in?

We offer honey mead and flavoured meads in the following sizes:
9 litre Honey jar for catering events and weddings.
750ml Bottle
500ml Bottle
250ml Bottle

Traditional Mead
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