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Our range of traditional Mead and flavoured honey mead drinks have been crafted using only natural products and hand filled for the true traditional flavour of English honey mead. Buy our Traditional English Mead and fruit flavoured honey mead online today and taste a piece of history.

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Here at Magic Mead, we stock a range of honey and mead wines that are sourced from natural ingredients in the midlands of England to ensure that you sample an authentic and traditional taste. We're proud to say that all of our honey liquor has been hand filled, labelled and corked with no machinery involved whatsoever as it was made hundreds of years ago.

Honey based mead wine is thought by some to be the oldest drink known to man and has been enjoyed all over the world for centuries. Throughout the year we travel across the UK to various continental food and drinks market and due to high levels of demand we have opened this online store to enable you to buy your mead wine and honey wine in a variety of different flavour as well as some accessories that are perfect for reenactment events.

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