About Magic Mead

Magic Mead is made with only natural products that are all sourced in the West Midlands. Our mead is simply fermented honey and water.

All of our honey mead products have been carefully hand filled labelled and corked. We use no machinery at all in our production process – absolutely everything is produced by hand, the traditional way.

We visit cities and towns all over the uk from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and in every part of England. 

Magic Mead is part of a continental food and drinks market and our venues can be found by viewing our events page.

Our Honey Wine & Mead Wine

See below some of the mead wines we have for sale. All of our mead is 14.5% alcohol and comes in various sizes.

Meads 250ml, 500ml and 750ml size bottles

Mead Flavours

Irish Cream Flavoured Honey Mead (Perils Paradise)
Jester’s Port Mead (Port Honey Mead)
Rum Honey Mead – (Medieval Folly Honey Mead)
Spiced Rum Honey Mead – (Silverbeard Honey Mead)
Whiskey Honey Mead – (Camelot Honey Mead)
Brandy Honey Mead – (Crusader Honey Mead)
Pink Grapefruit Gin Mead – (Dragons Crown)
Aniseed Honey Mead – LIMITED EDITION
Blueberry Honey Mead (Merlins Infusion)
Kiwi Honey Mead (Elf Dew)
Lemon Honey Mead (Witches Brew)
Orange Honey Mead (Fairy Fruits)
Pistachio Honey Mead
Elderberry Honey Mead (Goblins Lair)
Sloe Berry & Raspberry Mead (Slippery Serpent)
Fiery Dragon Hot Chilli Honey Mead
Amaretto Flavoured Honey Mead
Liquorice Mead (Black Magic Mead)
Rhubarb Mead (Red Dragon Mead)
Chocolate Honey Mead (Dark Knight)
Cherry Mead
Raspberry Mead (Lady in Waiting)
Baked Apple Mead (Galahad)
Strawberry Mead (Maidens Mead)
Chilli Mead
Spiced Mead (Smoking Dragon)
Hazelnut Mead
Embers Mead (Ginger Mead)
Dragon’s Breath (Mead, Elderberry & Cherry)
Traditional English Honey Mead

Guide Prices for our Mead and Fruit Wines

250ml = £10.00
500ml = £15.00
750ml = £20.00